Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waterfall Get Well Card

It's taken a little longer than I was expecting to get this one posted because I have to take extra time to make the animated gif but here's a waterfall/flip card made using the get well image set I brought. Mom made this one because she is always in need of new get well cards for sick relatives. She used colored pencils and Gamsols instead of markers.

Speaking of the animated gif, I noticed on the pumpkin post that a bunch of the reposting and publishing services did something to the image and it wasn't always animated so if you are not seeing the tab being pulled down in the image, you will need to go read the original post or view the card directions.

As always, click on the images for full directions including the stamps used and paper sizes.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flipping out!

I brought the stamps for this card in early spring. Some people call this a flip card but most seem to call it a waterfall card. The stamp sets for these usually have a series of 4-5 images that show the progression of something happening and then reader pulls the tab to flip them like an old paper stack of hand drawn  animations or pictures were flipped to create a moving picture before we had these cool LCD displays with millions of dots that can be changed hundreds of times a second to any color you want with a little electricity.

I am working through them and planning to use each of the stamp sets to make a card. Here's the first one themed around Halloween. Click on the card if you want to see the directions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three Goals Achieved Using Three Stamps Sets That Cost $3 Each

I've usually been getting my paper in multicolor packs. I open them up and then put them into a couple of hanging file folders so I can get at the individual sheets without struggling. I sort the old stuff into the new so all the cardstock of the same color is together and keep the whole bunch of about 150-200 assorted sheets in 3 hanging folders. It's almost time to open a new pack. Most of what I would call the "guy colors" seem to be used up but certain other colors like light pink and purple seem to still be in plentiful supply so goal number one in making this card was use some of these "leftover" colors.

Goal number two was to use some of the stamps I just got. I scored some nice $3 Brenda Walton Inkadinkado clear stamp sets this weekend and they fit the colors better than the Christmas stamp set I was thinking about using. Unfortunately these were very ink phobic, at least when it came to using Memento inks. The ink just beaded up on the stamp. I had to use chalk ink to get a good image.

Goal number three was to make something nice, but at the same time keep it simple, mostly be a stamping card. After glittering two of the images and hand cutting one out I am not sure I kept it as simple as I wanted, but it was worth it.

Here's the end product of these goals. Click on the image for full directions if you want to read more.

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