Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Purple Daisy Design Letter Card

Here's another card I did with the Purple Daisy Designs stamps that fit in the EK Success punches.

Rather than color the flowers, leave them white, or glitter over the whole thing, this time I used pink card stock and stamped on it with a darker pink. This gave me a pink flower without any coloring. It doesn't have shading, but it took a lot less time to make. To add another dimension I used Stickles over the stamped areas on the flower at the end after it was mounted. This allows me to finish the card in one sitting and just set the finished product aside to dry. This works well for Stickles because it has a lot of glitter in it so you can don't need to apply much which means the paper won't warp up on you. For cheaper glitter glue products, you might need to let it dry first so you can glue down any warped areas.

This is what I call a letter card. It's sized to fit inside a standard business envelope in the US, so they are easy to mail and it's easy to find envelopes for them. This format works well for a long narrow design like this one.

Overall the card isn't that complicated to make but with the Stickles on the flowers and the dimensional foam under the petals it looks nice. As always, click on the card for the full directions on the web site. When making these, I did put things together in a specific order for specific reasons and the direction on the web site explain this order.

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