Monday, October 29, 2012

A "Simple" Glittered and Embossed Halloween Card

This card was born from simple beginnings. The Frankenstein wobble card was supposed to be the best card this year and this one was just going to be a quick and easy while I had the Halloween folders out kind of card. I embossed the orange card stock, and inked it up with black ink and had a nice simple quick card, for a day or two, until I decided to glitter the spider web. That looked pretty good but now the other stuff didn't. So, I traced the skeleton out and colored it with glue and then put black glitter on the skeleton. That looked pretty good, so I did the cat and crow. Then I decided, it needed some more color, so I did the 31 in green and then the bats in purple glitter.  At that point, I realized that Frankenstein was not going to be the card I sent out this year for Halloween, that this "simple" card was going to this year's best Halloween card.
As always, click on the image for full directions.
Happy Halloween!

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