Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swing Card

Here's a new card type I haven't made before - a swing card. When you grab the left and right hand sides and pull outward the image in the center swings and changes. Technically, when it's folded up and comes out of the envelope you are actually looking at the image on the back and then when you open it you see the image on the front.

I'm using rubber stamps that were specifically designed for a card of this type but you could actually use any front and back images.

Here's the card - it should show as an animated image that shows the card opening and closing. If it's not working because of where your reading it from, you'll need the click on the image to view the web directions.

After trying to make this a few times, the easiest way I found to cut the paper was to use a trimmer with a cutting blade that has a mark on it where the blade has/will cut. This helps ensure that your lines are straight even if your template placement wasn't perfect.

As always, click on the images for full directions including the stamps used and paper sizes.

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  1. I love your card designs. The Swing card is fantastic..


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