Saturday, January 15, 2011

Purple Daisy Bouquet

Here's my latest handmade greeting card and another one using the rubber stamps from Purple Daisy Designs that I've been catching up on this month. Fair warning though, this one takes forever to make. You'll have to stamp out 11 flowers and color and shade all the flowers using Copic marker, or your favorite coloring technique. You might want to have an ink refill handy for your light purple marker too if you decide to make a lot of these. One of the nice things about this stamp is that it's designed to fit into a punch. To punch them out you just turn the punch over so you can see the cutting parts and then insert your paper into the punch so you can see the flower through the hole. Line up the flower image with the die inside and squeeze the punch. It's much faster than having to fuss cut out each flower. The really time consuming thing is arranging the bouquet on the paper and putting pieces of the right height of dimensional foam under each leaf. The flowers are at three different heights on the card but taking the time to lay them out right at the three different dimensions makes the card look fabulous. Another really cool thing about this card is the design lends itself to being whatever kind of card you want - all you have to do is add the appropriate words inside.

Click on the card image if you want the full direction sheet from my website on how to make this card.

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