Monday, January 24, 2011

Pink Retro Bouquet Card

I am still working through some of the Purple Daisy Design stamps I've been using most of the month. This card is a play on an idea I had when making the Copic colored purple daisy one that was posted last week. I had the idea to extend the field of flowers all the way across the front of the card and mount the sentiment over them, but that would have required me to color and mount at least 25 flower images per card and added another hour or two of additional work per card so I stopped the flowers half way. For this one I tried to go for a similar look to my original idea of mounting the sentiment in the middle of the flowers but simplified it so it was easier to make. To try to speed things up a little more I glittered each flower with a quick thin coat of Stickles instead of coloring and shading each one. You do have to wait for this one to dry but takes a lot less effort to get this one done. The hardest and most time consuming thing on this one is peeling the backing off of 31 pieces of dimensional foam tape.

As always, click on the card image for complete directions. Often times the directions have some helpful tips and explain a few things I didn't here and that's especially true for this card.

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