Thursday, January 20, 2011

Copic Seagull Card

Here's another greeting card based on one of the Purple Daisy Design stamps I brought last year to color with that has finally been used. If you recall from previous posts, I'm trying to start the year off by being less of a stamp collector and more of a stamper. I've been buying their stuff at conventions for the last few years but have done very little with some of it because I have too much stuff and not enough free time. I have not gone crazy and decided to stop buying new stuff though if there is cool new stuff out there that I don't have, so it's admittedly a lost battle. (Note to the local crafts stores like Michael's and AC Moore - you need to get new stuff - I have all of your current stuff that I want!) I actually haven't had this stamp that long if you disregard the Thanksgiving and Christmas cardmaking seasons so I guess I did pretty well on this one.

I thought about stamping something on the background to step this up a bit but I really didn't want any other elements on the card to distract from the main image and the saying. One thing this card does really show off is the visual color difference between the warm, cool and neutral grays available in the Copic marker line. The bird was colored with the neutral grays, trying to match the normal feather colors of a real bird. The posts were colored with the warm grays and the bolt was colored with a cool gray, which is perfect when you want something metallic. As always, click on the image to be taken to the website for full directions including the marker colors and paper sizes if you want more information on how to make the card or even if you just want to see the bigger image you can get to from the directions.

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