Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Now serving gypsies!

I added the .gypsy file I made while creating this card
to the directions for the card. Each cut I did is on a different layer so if you have the Wild Cards cartridge and a Gypsy all you have to do is download it and part of the layout work is done for you.

I also added a .gypsy file to the Father's day card but after going back and looking at it there is only one layer in it so I guess I frog-got to save the others.

The band-aid card was just done with the keypad and auto-fill.

If you make a bunch of any particular card, one tip I have is to vary the starting position when you make the cuts. Instead of always following directions and putting the paper in the corner, if it's smaller than the mayt, start it an inch from the corner and then move the starting position of the blade before you cut. This way you don't start getting image ruts in your mat from cutting the same thing there over and over and you get to use more of the mat's adhesive.

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