Sunday, October 24, 2010

Final Halloween Card of 2010?

I'm hoping to make a Halloween tag or two today before Halloween gets here, but here's my last Halloween card before I move onto to Thanksgiving:

This is a free standing card that you mail folded up and flat in a normal sized envelope. The recipient simply pushes the base down the card to open it. There is a side view on the website if you click on the image.

The pattern paper was from this year's stack, so it might be available if you like it and hurry.

It you have not invested in one yet, a scoring board is indispensable for making this card. I used Martha Stewart's which I got with one of the rare discount coupons on her stuff at Michael's so all of the measurements in the directions are based on that one where zero is the top left and the values increment to the right. There are a number of brands out there though that put zero in the center so you may have to adjust the measurements to your tool.

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