Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick and Simple Male Card

Here's a quick and simple male card you can make from scraps of male friendly colors or papers for any occasion. It's also a great card if you have limited supplies on hand. The only real requirement for it is that you have a medium sized sentiment to put in the middle.

First you build the background of the card using two different color scraps on diagonal corners. After that you just need a decent sized sentiment to stamp in the middle. It's a little more complicated than that of course because you need to pick coordinating colors with the same brightness and saturation for this to look well designed. Most of the better paper companies design coordinating lines of plain and patterned papers with the same saturation and brightness, as long as you stick to a single line and don't try to mix and match paper from different companies this shouldn't be too hard. The ones I used were DCWV open stock the local craft store used to sell.

You can obviously turn this into a female card very easily by using more traditional female colors. If you want the exact sizes or stamp I used, click on the card for the instruction sheet on the website.

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