Friday, August 20, 2010

Two New A7 Floral Oval Cards

These are simple and elegant male and female versions of a card I made using one of the new stamps I got this summer at a rubber stamping convention. The oval is fairly tall so I decided to put it on an A7 sized card. A7 is the fancy way of saying 5x7 or 7x5 in this case. I buy these cards prefolded with envelopes from a local craft store. They end up being about 30 cents per card or 15 cents after coupon so its not a bad deal for most of a sheet of Bazzill paper when I have made the trip up there but they don't have anything new I want to buy.

There is a lot of penwork in the image so the leaves are tough to color and get any detail but I colored it with Copic markers and then had to fussy cut out all the layers. I used a little tracing wheel though (see instructions) so it wasn't so bad. I also found out that even though I thought I didn't need any more ribbon I didn't have any black ribbon wide enough for the card so I had to go buy some. This turned out to be a very good idea because there was nice black ribbon with a green and pink floral pattern on it waiting for me at the store for the pink one. In order to make it wide enough though I mounted the ribbon on a wider white ribbon. The final double stacked ribbon pulled in all the colors from the image. For the blue card, they didn't have a plain black ribbon that wide but they had one with a white diagonal pattern which added another detail to the card.

Here are the cards, click on them to see more detail or get additional directions:

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  1. Hi, I absolutely love these cards. They are beautiful! I love the layout and I hadn't thought to use an oval design like this. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!


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