Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Step Up 2

Here's the same one dollar stamp from the simple card layouts you saw earlier but with a lot more elements in a different layout. The image is fussy cut out now and the black mat behind has become a strip that anchors it and directs your eye to it. I didn't have a good word stamp to use so I just printed out words. You don't really want to print them on white because there is no white and it would stand out too much. You could print them on orange but then that's it and you get a much simpler result. Here's one good use for vellum. It shows the color underneath but is muted and doesn't really stand out. As an added bonus, its hard to adhere without showing the adhesive, even with the so called invisible vellum adhesives, so it encourages you bring in another element to attach it or cover where you attached it.

Overall this is a big step up but in the grand scheme of things it's still a very simple card in reach of most people.

If you are really interested in this one, click on the card, there additional hints on the direction sheet.

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