Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Witching You A Spooky Halloween

Here's another fairly simple card using mostly dollar stamps, but this one has a lot more design elements so it looks a lot nicer. It has all five of the traditional Halloween colors on it and it incorporates 5 different stamps. Another key design element is how the images manage the flow of your eye across the page. The witch takes you to the spider, the spider is going toward the start of the words and the bat and skeleton are headed toward the words as well. It wouldn't be nearly as interesting if the images had been arranged so they lead you off the page and away from the card. This is an important concept in scrapbooking and anytime you make a card like this with a bunch of different things on it that cause your eye to naturally follow them and see where they are headed.

As always click the image to go the instruction page on http://www.sharedcards.com for more information on the stamps, paper sizes or supplies used.

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