Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Loon Birthday Wishes

Here is another birthday greeting card designed using Purple Daisy Designs' stamps. This one is designed around masculine colors. For this one I decided to play with airbrushing the water since it was a larger area to cover and there wasn't much else to do since a loon is black and white.

I thought it might go faster and require a little less ink. It should have except I though I had refilled the B91 marker I was using a few days ago and was starting with a full marker, but not much color was going on the paper for some reason. It turns out B93 had been refilled, not B91. It should have been obvious from the result on the paper. No ink in the marker means no ink to go on the page. I had myself convinced this marker had been refilled though.

I didn't figure out the problem until I decided to just color it with the super brush and the marker tip started turning white, which is a bad thing. It was then that I went over to my container of refills and pulled out the B91 refill and found myself staring at a new, sealed, full B91 refill, sitting next to B93 refill that was missing about 2 oz of ink. Since I had the B91 refill I was able to immediately refill it, and the super brush tip seems to still be working fine, although it does have slight discoloration now where it went white. If I hadn't of had the B91 on hand I would have needed to keep it wet with either colorless blender or a little B93 until I could get B91 ordered and shipped to me.

Here's the card. As always, click on the image for full directions.

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