Saturday, February 12, 2011

What do two Xryon machines, a Cuttlebug and a heat gun equal?

They equal this really quick amazing card that never made it online last year. I don't know why. The images were done for it. I just needed to find the name of the embossing folder and the cutting cartridge. It would have been easy to finish but it never gone done until now.

There's no stamping involved, but it uses 3 different machines, 4 if you count the heat gun, and two different embossing techniques - dry and heat.

Anyone remember the Xyron Personal Cutting system? It was one of the first generation electronic cutters and used 6x6 mats with LeapPad like books to select the image. It's discontinued now but that's where the large purple flower shape came from. It had some really nice shapes you're going to see coming up in some of the nicer simple cards that I made years ago that I'll be mixing in with some of the more complicated newer stuff in the coming months. I should probably update the card to use one of the newer cutting machines or mega sized punches but since I don't have a commercial sponsor to promote, I'll just stick with my original Xyron PCS flower since its got nice chunky petals that fill the card front.

The large purple flower is heat embossed with a rather unconventional technique that I came up with up that actually created a large glittered image that did not shed glitter all over the place. Essentially I made my own glitter paper, but just out of the image so there was no waste. How do you that? I'm going to leave that as an evil teaser. It's all explained in full on the direction sheet you can get by clicking on the image.

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