Friday, February 4, 2011

Two Stepping Butterfly Kisses

Here are two cards I made with what's now last month's {Stamps} of Life release. I meant to get them posted sooner but the snow and ice took out TV and Internet for the first few days of the week.


Nothing fancy, just a simple all stamping card using the various images on the stamp sheet and the two step stamping technique to add color.

If you aren't familiar with two step stamping, it's when you stamp one image and then stamp another one on top of it. Usually the stamp vendor has made different stamps for this purpose as a coordinating set and one or more fit inside the other one. For example, on this card the flowers start out as simple black outlines but there are other stamps in the set that fit perfectly into the two different wing sizes. It lets you add more color to your card with nothing more than another stamp pad. It's easy with clear stamps like these were because you can see where you are stamping.

To do this with rubber stamps you need to either admit you can't like two stamped images up under a wood block and go for an artsy abstract look or you need to use a Stamp-a-ma-jig. Its a tool where you place a plastic jig against the edge of a clear sheet and then stamp on the clear sheet using the corner of the jig to guide the stamp down. You then take the plastic sheet and line it up where you want to stamp. In this case, you would line it perfectly over the other image. Once in place, you put the plastic jig back against the edge of the clear sheet and then take the sheet away without moving the jig. You can now stamp in the corner of the jig like you did the first time to make the image on the clear sheet except this time it will be exactly where you want it on the paper. Here's what the Stamp-a-ma-jig tool looks like if you have never seen it:


As always click on the greeting card images if you want the full directions. The directions do explain the best order I found for stamping them and why which I didn't repeat here.

The card was really done as a general purpose card for someone special that you customize with the words inside. If you are still looking for a Valentine's Day card idea, imagine the butterfly wings in pink and red.

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