Friday, January 15, 2010

Early Happy Valentines Day!

I have reorganized a bunch of the links to have more meaningful names, but at the same time I set up the redirection on the server so old links will still work.

I have also been working on a new section called challenges. My idea behind the challenges section is to come up with clever challenges that you can do. If you submit your cards and directions you can earn points. Points let you win prizes. The more points the more or bigger the prizes. There are no commercial sponsors (contact me if you want to be one) but I have found 3 new stamp sets that I liked so much I brought 2 of them not realizing I already that one and just hadn't used yet so they will probably be the first prizes. Some of the challenges are also just promotional things, like if you put a link on your website and get a certain number of people to come visit the site in certain amount of time. I might even throw a challenge up for reading the blog and figuring out this was going to happen and linking to site. There are 6 new cards I made for the first card making challenge that I need to put as well so its a challenge to get the new section done but hopefully it will up by Monday night.

I made a valentine's day e-card that's up on the site. If you want more information about it click on it.

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