Monday, January 4, 2010

Go GIMP! Ebay - seriously?

What I accomplished today (related to card making and the web site):
  • Figured out how to use GIMP as a reasonable and free replacement for photoshop, which is cool because now I can have a good image editor on any computer instead of just one because of the cost.
  • Got all of my {Stamps} of Life Digital brush sets imported into GIMP. Yeah!
  • Made a cool new digital project with the HappyBday2You set because my clear stamps have not yet arrived. :-(
  • Scanned that and the last 3 projects.
  • Looked up what exactly it would cost me if I tried to auction some of the cards I have made on Ebay. Does anyone successfully do this? It was disappointing to see people selling handmade cards for $1.00 each. Do you even profit at $1.00? A single sheet of "better" 80lb cardstock like Stampin' Up! is easily 25 cents. In most cases they were using about 1 1/4 sheets. Then take away about 15% in completion fees between Ebay and Paypal and you are left with 50 cents a card for an average of 10 minutes work? $3.00 an hour? That's not even minimum wage.
  • Figured out exactly how to access the memory card on the scanner in the craft room over the network from any computer so I don't have to keep sneakernetting the memory card between the scanner and a computer.
  • Did some web site analysis with google.
  • Submitted the web site to a major directory listing service that should get it indexed in just about every web seach engine out there so more people can find it.
So no new content on the website tonight, just webmaster type duties and it's back to work tomorrow to make actual money that will pay the mortgage instead of dreaming about a web site.

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