Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to the New Year

I set out yesterday to make a thank you card. Instead I never got past putting up the stamp sets  from the last 3 cards and ended up making a new happy birthday card. It did turn out pretty cool though and I was able to easily make it in 5 different colors.

This created a problem though. How do I show them on the web site? I've set up the instructions sheets set as a template, based on one image, working toward the goal of having a submission form that would make a page for me. What's there lends itself to a page per color. I was already thinking of adding more code to the layout to support a side view so I do I just pick one color and show the alternates on the instruction sheet or do I want all 5 colors in the index on the main page? On the one hand, yes because the card started out in teal and being male oriented but now there's a pink version too. Maybe you prefer the pink, or maybe you want the dark blue, teal, yellow or red version. On the other hand someone might simply think its fluff to have all the colors there in the main index.

I've got the same issue to resolve with another card I have yet to post. It was for a card swap class at a CKC convention and because I was using 4.5 x 6.5 mat stack papers, I was limited by the number I could make with any given paper. In order to get the 20 cards I needed, I simply made it in 5 different colors based on the mat stack paper on that card and took about 1/2 of each color with me and let people pick the color they preferred.

I'll have to sleep on it.

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