Friday, January 1, 2010

A very productive day.. a counter, a image randomizer and 3 new cards

Today was indeed a very productive day.

I submitted the site to bing, google and yahoo the be indexed and set up the robots file they look for so they will index the site. Hopefully this will make the google site search work.

I found a free visitor counter script that resides solely on my site that I can incorporate and a randomize image display script. It should make the home page a little cooler. The only downside is both are a little incompatible with my current template methodology so it will take a bit more work to get them running but the random slideshow will definitely make a cool addition to the home page.

I also set out again to make some thank you cards. I started with a thanks a bunch stamp and stamped a few of those for card fronts, colored them with marker and then set them aside so glitter on them could dry. In the meantime, I tried this rubber stamp that has a definition of thank in really fine print. I stamped it in a blue and I got out cardstock to match. I cut it to see how it would look as a border but I didn't like the way things looked. The blue went perfectly with the scraps I had previously gotten out to make the logo so I ended making a new card from the blue strip and scraps from other projects this week. I got three new colors for a different thank you card and was going to call it a night but started playing with my 'U' set and ended up making a cool Thank U Rock card from it and the Love2Hug set. After I made the first one I decided it would be much better if I had of placed the thank in a different place though so I'll have to remake it now. And that blue I got out for the thank definition stamp - well it turns out it is probably going to be the base for the thanks a bunch images I had set aside.

So 2 scripts for the website, 1 new happy birthday scraps card and 2 thank you designs worked out but none of them are online yet.

The 5 different colors of the card in the last post got uploaded today too,

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